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Skylar's results

As a entertainer Skylar is constantly in the public eye. With preformances, photoshoots and daily life it creates a constant use of make-up. Use after use Skylar's skin struggled with minimizing inflammatory acne, clogged pores and getting rid of miniature bumps. With the use of Bel-Air Cosmetics she has been able to maintain clear skin, get rid of little bumps, and minize inflammatory bumps.

Dara's results

As a Brand Owner Dara prides herself on showcasing and promoting her brand's hardwork achieving consistent results. Dara suffered from Acne since the age of 11 years old creating hard inflamed bumps severly across her face and body. Which led her to create Bel-Air's signature Turmeric Collection.

lauren's results

Lauren for years searched for a solution to her Hormonal. Even with her clean diet and consistent skincare routines, and dermatology appointments nothing woudl clear up her hormonal acne. She tried Bel-Air Cosmetics in hope of finally finding a solution. Little did she know she stumbled upon the product of her dreams that even impressed her dermatologist. Lauren started seeing results in an little as 1 day and drastic results in as little as one month.

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